This program is written to enable posting to Usenet & Fido newsgroups for anyone! It is designed as a multiuser proxy-server, so you can continue use your favorite newsreader, and be able to post to any supported newsgroup! Simply, it redirects all outgoing posts to defined mail gate. But this is still invisible for your newsreader, which thinks that posts to usual news-server! By default, News-Proxy supports posting to more than 13500 newsgroups!!!

Other powerful feature is "Server Associations". It allows to set defined news-server for each client connection (by client's IP). So you can choose different news-servers for different clients when using News-Proxy in LAN or connect to several news-servers at one time on the local computer (if your newsreader supports many accounts as, for example, Outlook Express).

There are some additional features:
+ Recoding in/out data stream from Win to Koi and from Koi to Win.
+ Automatic & custom mail gate.
+ Filtering header fields.
+ Changing russian "H" to "H" & russian "p" to "p".

Note! The News-Proxy project is no longer developed. We'll do only bugfixes.

Download the installation package for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP: (538 Kb)

This version requires registration, contact us to get a FREE unlock key.